Sunday, October 24, 2010

October 24th to October 30th

Politicians saying *blank* means *blank.*


Crazytooth said...

Nothing politicians say means anything! We're surrounded by political lies... Dishonesty, deceit, disdain, and destruction. Washington doesn't care about you. They only care about themselves. If you're a politician, listen: Please don't shake my hand. Please don't kiss my baby. I know what you're after. I won't give it up.

The wool ain't coming down... Not over these eyes, anyway.

Audiopheliac said...

War is peace, they say.

Ignorance is strength, say they.

And remember: freedom is slavery.


Politicians say loyalty is subordination.

Gabriel said...

"Vote!" means "Vote for me!"

Cynical said...

Politicians saying nothing means death.

Richard Dawkins said...

Religious means "Afraid to lose"

Zobbler said...

Thankfully, the refrigerator was bulletproof.

Amy said...

This is just to say:

Impressed that Crazytooth's sentences fit.

Every one was five words.