Sunday, December 28, 2003

Topic Dec. 28 to Jan 3

Tell us about a blizzard.

This is just too sad

My wife wins this round.

She submitted our first greeting...

You're cute. Let us hug.

Sunday, December 21, 2003

Topic Dec. 21 to 27

Any Five Word "pick-up" lines.

The winner for the week

Brad did leave an entry.

It didn't show up here.

Probably better for him, anyway.

His boss sometimes visits here....

So, Amy takes the prize...

I don't know her name.

Personally, I'd like that situation.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Topic: Dec. 14 to 20

Describe a frustrating "boss" issue.

(Not easy for E-town gang....)

The Winner for the Week...

Could you repeat that again?

Once, I actually used this.

I honestly couldn't understand him.

I think he was Indian...

Sunday, December 07, 2003

Topic Dec. 7 to 13

What's your best telemarketer reply?

Winner for the week...

... key changes make you giddy.